Sunday, 1 April 2012

Meeting 29/3/12

Topics covered in the meeting on Thursday:

Data thats currently being collected:

  • Module specifications from Design and Technology courses from selected Universities
  • Structures and covered topics from relevant subjects from Further Education curriculums 

1) A proforma needs to be created that accommodates all this data so it can be effectively compared.

2) Current mind map should be put into a document

These two deliverables completed by the 16th April and sent to Richard Bibb, along with the current aims and objectives of the research.

Lit review/End of year report:

Add a section about applied teaching techniques within Electronics and Interface design education

Sections order:

  1. Cognitive/Learning Theory (General)
  2. Applied Teaching Techniques
  3. Subject topics/required lesson content
  4. Physical Resources


How does teaching school pupils (<19yrs old) compare to teaching university students?
How do their Intellectual Level & Learning Style differ?
How should the approach to learning differ?

What Further Education courses are equivalent in content and skill level to Electronics and Interface design modules in BA undergraduate Design and Technology?
                  - This can be found after the module and curriculum data is put into proformas

Current Final Year Design Projects (FYDP)

What is the scope for FYDP?
Is there a limit to the functionality that students can give to their products?
Therefore, is there a limit to what we teach them to do?
ie, Resources exist that allow for quite complex systems. Do we assume that some students will want to build them therefore teach them what is required? What is the limit?

Arrange a meeting with key lectures/students/ex students to discuss this.

Meeting with Thomas Jun, LEGO mindstorms used as a teaching tool:

How do we capture a accurate picture of students, skills/knowledge/understanding of Electronics, Interface Design, Mechatronics?

Use real-life, relatable examples? - this demonstrates skills and not understanding
Use scales of ability/understanding of key skill or subject area, Plot to a graph

What questions are we asking, how are we asking them?

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