Tuesday, 8 May 2012

An X Prize For Education

The X Prize founder, Peter Diamandis is set to announce a prize for improving education in the US. Tall order, especially because he has no idea what challenge he is going to set. However, previous prizes have greatly influenced other industries such as public space travel and medical industries, can it have the same effect here?

In the video below (5:15 in) he talks about it being like a 'Khan Academy on steroids'.
"Add artificial intelligence, and add the ability for anyone of us to have the best teacher in the world who knows what your passionate about, what you care about, what you know and then move you on the educational path forward. Everything is personalised, customised [...] and it teaches you exactly the way you want"
Interestingly, the interviewer then asks where random discovery (constructionist, self directed learning) comes into play in all this. Peter responds:
"Its there, random discovery is now really the juice [of education], its socialisation, its experimentation, but its not sitting in [the] front of a classroom listening to one sage on the stage. Lets change that part, then take everything else you do in school and make it fun and interactive"

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