Saturday, 9 February 2013

Street Signs

Intended purpose: Weather proofed signage. Unintended consequence: Informative water balloon.

Spotted in London. Whoever put up the sign hoped the laminate would stop the water getting in; instead it has stopped it from getting out after its seal was broken when the holes were punched into the top. The plastic has acted as a very effective water-tight bag, and disintegrated the paper inside. Oddly, the ink has stayed on the inside of the plastic making the whole thing still legible.


  • Don't break the seal with a hole punch or staples. Trim the paper by about an inch before laminating it so that there is some plastic left over that you can punch/staple without going through the paper.
  • Custom sleeves made for this purpose - Biodegradable, built in ties, etc.


  • Cheap advertisements that stand out - maybe for products such as Capri-Sun, Robinsons Juice.
  • Watering can.


  • The planning notice is for double glazing.

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