Thursday, 26 January 2012

Peer Review In Action

St. Christopher's is a British school in Bahrain that my old D&T teacher from school is now teaching at (he will probably appreciate me pointing out that by 'old', I mean 'previous'). He has been telling me about some of the innovative teaching methods they have in their classrooms, and many resonate with PBL and Inquiry Learning; the methods I'm looking to implement for my own resources, such as peer-to-peer teaching and strong feedback links between students and teachers. The above video illustrates some of these methods and how this makes for a more coherent learning experience.

Key points for me:
The feedback card system - When a topic is taught, students are asked to hold up a card which reflects how well they understood it. Then the teacher can focus more time onto them while the more able students work on further independent learning for themselves.

The Market Place, where "green" students share their better understanding with "red" and "yellow" students who dont understand so well.

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